Feedback after 3h playtime

As the title says, I haven’t played much yet and I haven’t progressed far into the game either because I like exploring every corner of the map, but in my few hours of playtime I ran into 4 key issues which I would like to share.

  1. Very very very obvious but the game is not optimized at all and runs very poorly. I understand that the game is in early access and this will improve over time (in the first patch in fact according to what the devs posted) but I still wanted to make it a point on my list. If any of the devs are reading this, I wish you great and swift success with this and everything else.

  2. The amount of fall damage you take in this game can only be described as overkill. Sometimes I fall from ledges as tall as my character and take 10% of hp damage which I find very annoying. I do not know how high your character has to be at minimum to start taking fall damage but in my humble opinion that value should be doubled or tripled at least.

  3. Parry windows are too short in my opinion. Even if you keep practicing it, you won’t get much better at it because the time you are given to parry is so short that half of the time parries could be called luck based. I’m saying this with 300+ hours in Elden Ring and 500+ in For Honor.

  4. Keybinds can’t be changed. For me this hits the hardest. I am left handed and this makes playing the game for me hell. I love the graphics, I love the combat, I love the atmosphere of the game and generally everything about it but this alone makes me barely able to play it and even after these meagre 3 hours I spent on the game my fingers hurt. I wanted to refund the game just for this reason alone but then I noticed the devs already posted this as one of their prioritized issues so I’m holding out hope. Please devs if you are reading this focus on adding custom keybinds.

That’s all I found during my experience with the game which was sadly cut short by the 4th issue I listed. Everything else I’ve seen so far is lovely and if this particular issue of mine is fixed I will definately put a few hundred hours into this game.