Fashion Hunter + Armor Shards too rare

Running into similar to needing crazy stats to use certain weapons.

With armor (with really cool designs), there’s a lot to choose from, which I’m (very) grateful for. But with that, comes the cost of treating it like Fashion Hunter and the need to level up armor faster. Not just to treat it like Fashion Hunter, but wanting to level up certain armor sets anyway.

Problem is, I can’t find (enough) Armor Shards as easily.

Just feels “not good” and almost want to give up on building different armor sets. But they look so cool… but too much work to grind just to go up a level on one article of an armor set.

Maybe as a suggestion, have the Blacksmith sell them? Or more drops? x_x

Also, not meaning to upvote my own topic, but to add to the frustration:

I had gone to the sewing sisters to make my own Farmer Armor Set, and sold the old armor I made and leveling it up to the standard of the older armor I had before the set makes me weak asf to do the crucible questline.

So I’m spending a lot of time hunting for armor shards cuz armor shards are hard to come by. I know I can equip the drops from enemies, but a lot of the time the armor is at a higher level and unequippable.

I think I’ve made a lot of gold looting everything so I am coming to the conclusion that it’s probably best to just have the blacksmith sell them…

I have like 60 weapon and armor shards and usually end up discarding them to loot other things.

You probably shouldn’t be upgrading every single thing you find.

I think one type of armor for your tier is all you should upgrade and make sure you enchant it first if you’re ever going to so that you don’t have to upgrade a second piece of that armor type for that tier unless you find something much better later on.

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Yeah, I just realized that too after I had posted it. Like I “can” buy the armor from the blacksmith which has way better stats, but I also don’t want to be in the heavyweight class either. >:

I might be too picky. :@

You can buy or craft cloth or leather armor from the tailors too.