Faith only scaling weapons

Hey there folks.

Trying to make a good faith build.

Are there any other faith only scaling weapons than the 1h mace?

I got a RNG 1h spear drop that scales with dex and faith but I disliked it, so reverting to the mace.

If anyone know any other faith only weapons please share. Thanks!

there are a couple faith only staffs and 2 handed maces and a few faith hybrid items as well (daggers, staffs and swords)

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so at lvl 21 and a few endgame dungeon runs,
Ive found the following Tier 3 drops so far (skills in parenthesis):

  1. Two Hand Great Hammer “Pound of Cadavers” 26 STR 26 FAITH (Fire Slam)
  2. Two Hand Greatsword “SUMMER STING” 26 STR 26 FAITH (Wallbreaker)
  3. One Hand Bow “Patience” 26 DEX 26 FAITH (Arrow, Plague Arrow)
  4. Two Hand Great Hammer “Spliced Hammer” 26 DEX 26 FAITH (Double Crush)
  5. One Handed Rapier “Moonshaft” 26 DEX 26 FAITH (Air Dodge)
  6. Two Hand Staff “Dried Hive” 42 FAITH (Flame Sweep, Hellfire)
  7. One Hand Straight Sword “Sprit Edge” 42 FAITH (Evasive Strike)
  8. One Handed Mace "The Last Word 42 FAITH (Slashing Dash)
  9. Two Hand Great Hammer “Festering Cleft” 26 INT 26 FAITH (Eruption)

I think I sold a few other that were INT FAITH and only kept #9 for the weapon skill, Noteable mention is a Tier 2 Scythe I found “Scythe of Wretches” with 16 Dex 16 Faith since its the only Scythe I have seen and comes with the “Reap” ability.

I have not yet tested whether a Tier 2 weapon can be upgraded enough to deal same damage as an upgraded Tier 3. Can confirm Tier 3 can only receive 3 upgrades to max, I assume a Tier 2 can take more.

Im at the point now, level 24-25 that I have to make a decision whether to go 42 Faith or 26 Dex (already at 26 STR and using GS), the dex options do see a bit more interesting to me, def need a ranged option so I am torn on which way to go. That 42 Faith Straight sword was an interesting find tho.

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btw the GS at 26/26 “Summer Sting” is pretty ridiculous so unless the game gets a lot harder it seems I already do plenty of dmg and dont need to be concerned with losing that STR investment by also carrying a dex weapon, theres also some 26 STR 26 DEX quality options out there

but either way I still cant decide…hope they add respec at some point, and a way to test out weapon skills without such a commitment.

I found a staff that requires 44 faith

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Do you recall if you saw these sold by merchants or just RNG drops?

Holy, recall the name?

Legend, comprehensive post mate. I will need to get to endgame to grind some dungeons.

  1. One Handed Mace "The Last Word 42 FAITH (Slashing Dash)

I will be looking forward to get this one, maybe put a couple more powerfull runes on it?

Nope sorry i sold it almost immediately