Early Game Build Variety is Very Limiting

First of all, I want to say that I do appreciate the devs adding more weapons available from the blacksmith’s shop prior to Sacrament. It is definitely a step in the right direction, but I find the choice of weapons odd.

4 of the melee weapons that he sells scale in str, one scales in dex, (with a bow that scales in dex) and then one faith and a staff for int. Why so many str melee weapons and not much offering for dex players? Why not add a curved sword or a rapier or spear to the loot table as well so players have more options available to them as a dex player? I started a second character intending to do a dex build, but I hated the twin daggers so much and had no alternative so I simply switched to a str faith weapon, which was the same build as my previous character. I don’t want to get stuck early on with a weapon I don’t like as I have no other options for the build that I want to use, praying to the RNG gods to drop something useful. Coupled with no respec option, my choices are to simply not level scaling stats until I find something I want or just accept the build the game forces on me with the random starting weapon.

I feel this could be completely avoided by implementing a class system or a pick weapon system. I get to choose between a set of classes that have different stats allocated and start with a wide variety of weapons. For example, a sword and shield class, a curved sword class, a cleric mace, a spear class, a magic staff class, an axe class etc. Replace the randomised weapon drop after the ship captain with the weapon associated with your chosen class.


All this, and too many stats to have as a prerequisite in the case you want to change weapons. Like Intelligence and Faith?

If keeping that many stats, maybe have an npc charge to reset your points or something?

Idk I think having a Fallout SPECIAL system where the game allocates X amount of skill points to a character automatically and give players three or four skill points to spend on any area.

Like I feel like I’m stuck to a class and does t let me see what else there is.

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I agree with all of this.

I think the solution is more weapon types available as white items showing the player that there are some weapons of a specific type that scale with certain stats. This will help the player begin to scale into those so that later on when they get much higher level items dropping requiring 26/26 they will have already begun to scale into them.

They could either add-in a side quest for the player to go accomplish something near an armory location or have another npc to rescue for ‘exotic’ weapons that would allow the player to begin to experiment with different scaled down weapon types much earlier on.

It’s very weird how you get a handful of weapons and then suddenly after you beat the twins, there is a deluge of weapons that begin to drop with mixed stats, when all the while you’ve mainly seen weapons that drop or are sold with single stats.

Just let us respec at an NPC. Paying gold for each stat that we respec so like when we have 20 str and we take 1 stat point from str so STR is now 19 and we have 1 stat point to spend, we pay 1 silver for it.

It would be a good gold sink as well.