Faith build - any hope for it?

I have been playing the game for like 6-7 hours now, I am building my character towards a faith build (lvl 9, faith 14 rest used in HP, Stamina and weight limit).
I am using a 1h mace and a shield and loving the punishment I can make with it, even added a heal rune to the mace, feels good.

I haven’t seen so far a forum post or YT video featuring a faith build, nothing good for it on the early access? All I see is full strenth/dex builds, maybe because they are the most viable ones with the current drops.

Anyone playing end game seen any OP faith scaled weapons/armors?

Appreciate your input.

There’s definitely still faith only scaled weapons in Tier 3. Haven’t tried them but go for it!

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Yes I’m playing with one, it uses the Climber’s Pike, the tier 1 warhammer.
It has the Flame thrower rune that’s quite OP. It’s a ranged attack that hits the enemy twice dealing at level 11 circa 25+25 and only costs 50 focus.
Put an Healing aura rune, upgrade the weapon and you’re gold.
Only thing I’ve noticed is that the hammer has a double scaling FTH and STR. ATM I got 22 FTH and 19 STR. If I rise faith, damage wont improve while if i put points in strength it does. So I think that the scaling is different for Dark souls where the weapon gets benefit if you put points in either of the stats. You need to put points equally

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Very interesting man, ty so much.
Where did you get the Climber’s Pike? Im still very early in the game, lvl10 just landed Sacrament.

Random drop, good luck :wink:


Hell man, I got the worst RNG luck on all RPG games I have played. Got a 1h spear that required 15 dex and 15 faith, decided to put 15 into dex to try it out and hell no, dont like it. Will go back to the mace.
Do you know any other faith only weapons?

There is a gold 1 handed sword that dropped for me from Darak. Requires 22 faith and 22 strength. Idk if you can extract Runes from it and replace with a healing rune though. I am gonna give that a try at least though. I’m in the same boat as a sword and boardie. Keep seeing 2 handed sword or dex builds and it just doesn’t feel like we’re viable atm. I’m also more plate and mesh but still feels like I take as much as damage as other players running crucible no problem with lighter gear which is frustrating.

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I found a bow that needs Dex and Faith and I find it funny :smiley:

Fire the shot and hope it lands?


There is the morning star sold by the level 2 Ironsmith that’s pure faith.

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