Emote Wheel Right Trigger problem

Hi all,

Just my thought’s on controller use, I don’t like the emote action wheel on the right trigger, I keep finding myself pressing it as my soft old forgetful brain takes a long time to adjust to new things since I passed my 50’s lol.

When your main food has run out on the D-pad up could it be changed to select the next best food you have available? as at the moment it’s putting apples and mushrooms first before better cooked foods.

Also at the moment I am playing on a laptop, it is below minimum specs but plays well enough for me and will only get better once we have more control over detail settings. I am upgrading tomorrow to a better laptop with a newer processor and better GPU so the experience can only get better for me :grin:

At the moment I’m on a laptop with an i5 10300H, 16GB ram, 1660ti graphics card and installed on an M2 SSD.
Tomorrow will be new to me laptop with an i5 10500H, 16gb ram and an RTX 3070ti, fingers crossed I get better performance. My budget stops me getting a new full PC so having to stick to used laptops for now, maybe when funds allow it I will treat myself to something new. :wink:

Anyway thank you Moon and all the dev’s for such a good game, once it has had a few more patches thing’s will start to get better, and everyone have an amazing day, stay safe and happy gaming.