Easily exploitable: Realm backups not backrolling character

There is a specific reasson we can acces Realm Backups? it seems to me as a dev feature, easily exploitable by the player, especially because your character doesn’t get tied to any specific real (aka, they dont get backrolled) so duped items, etc, are really easy to do with this, it is intended?

definitely not intended, sometimes when i logg off and start game again i lost items that i place in chest because for some reason the game starts automatically from backup save and there is no way you get items back because your character inventory is not backupped and it should be fixed

I think this is a mayor overlook, is really easy to break the game, dupe items and quest, and trivialize way to much the gameplay, itemnization and leveling, i know people are gonna do whatever, but having it there, built in, seems a weird choice for this type of ‘‘hard’’ and ‘‘grindy’’ game

I agree, there needs to be done something about this, currently i have 1 Realm for each Story Boss, so i can repeadetly kill them as Testing Dummys. In the process i get Ichor each time. On a lvl 20 char, the Time to Kill the Riven Twins and reload the Realm is ± 40sec. Defintely a Problem if there will be a Major Game Mechanic tied to it in the Future.