During the opening CG of the game, there was no response from the game

The opening CG of the game tells the story background. When the CG played and the ship appeared, the game was unresponsive, and even if I restarted the game, an accident still occurred in the same place.
In addition, I hope to optimize the initialization and entry of the world. At this stage, even if the game is black screen, the system will inform me that the process may not be responsive.
When writing this feedback, I tried to enter the game again, but this time when the CG was just about to play, the process did not respond.
Also, when I checked my CPU and GPU usage, it was only around 30% CPU usage but GPU usage was as high as 100%, indicating that game rendering still needs optimization.
However, my system configuration is very low, only the 10th generation CPU and 1660ti graphics card. All the above content comes from machine translation.