Game crash after character creation / selection

Hello !
Your game looks amazing, but unfortunately I can’t get it working past character creation, after which I get stuck on a black screen (got some voice for 2 secs once, from what I expect to be the intro cinematic ?) then nothing the screen freeze black and after a short delay the game closes or Windows warns me that the game is no longer responding. Everything works perfectly in the menu, the options, or character creation.

I tried to tune down graphical settings, pulled everithing down but it doens’t help, despite running on a configuration that should meet the minimum requirements :

|CPU| AMD Ryzen 7 7700X 8-Core Processor 4.50 GHz|
|RAM| 32,0 Go (31,1 Go)|
|GPU| Intel(R) Art™ A770 Graphics 16 Go 2,1 GHz|

AppData and dxdiag files :

After a Windows update, and a clean drivers reinstall, everything is working properly !