Don't punish players for playing

With healing being limited and durability decreasing every time you die… I am scared of playing. I enjoy the combat, but I am not good. If I die many times, I run out of food and my equipment is destroyed, then what do I do?

Making mistakes in the game only makes things harder. If an enemy kills me, I learn what I need to do to defeat them, but also have to farm food and repair my gear before continuing, or else I have to face them in a worse condition than before. I don’t like this gameplay loop.

This can also be extended to all consumables. It’s a topic in this genre that I yet expect a game to encourage me to use them without fear. What usually happens is that I don’t use them because I’m scared to run out of them or have used them in a situation in which it wasn’t needed.


There already are 2 topics opened for this:

Great feedback, as mentioned there are other posts on this.