Disappointing damage combo of the T2 dex daggers

So since the start of the game I had been looking to all in on dex as my main stat. Sadly I was never able to find a single weapon that scaled with only dex. Nevertheless I kept going and opted to use the t1 dagger and then T2 dagger that scaled with dex and str. Soon around at the middle of my playtime in T2 I finally found them a pair of T2 dagger that scaled with only dex. (I believe they were called dual stilettos or something I forget the exact name as I ended up selling them) I was very excited to use them so I enchanted them and rolled very good stats and upgraded them as high as I could. So the disappointment when I realized that the first 2 attacks of their 3 hit combo only deal 6 total damage was immeasurable. As most enemies block after the first or second hit, you are often not able to get that third hit of big damage out from them. So I ended up just switching back to my other dagger of the same tier and upgrade level that’s first hit does about 30 damage. So what I would like to see is a change to the damage number on the different attack of the daggers, ie increasing the first two and decreasing the last one, or to simply make the first hit chargeable as it currently is not, this would allow for you to keep the same damage number whist also fixing the issue of the first hit damage being very low.

I was doing the same thing. The dual daggers actually paled to the single knife that scaled with dex and int. I found that odd. I would have expected the dual daggers to do more, not less damage. (Because two blades are more than one)

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