Difficulty issues

Dear developers, players and friends. I wish to add my five minutes to this topic, which seems to be very frequent lately in this forum. First of all, amazing, crazy nice, superb game you made. In terms of artistic achievement, it is what my wet dreams would be :blush: As for the beginning, developers are hyper active and making everyday adjustments, which is also fantastic. What I struggle with, is the difficulty. I know, there are old Soulslike players, there are rookies, there are just wanderers in the world of games. I must admit I like to explore the games, listen to the story, enjoy the graphics, elaborate on the visual content. And here, the game rules. I have, however, as many other players that do not live for hardcore play, problem, how to progress and see all of it, all of this wonderful game. I am stuck with first boss, tried literally 100 times, read all instruction, suggestions, watched videos. Nothing. I am just dumb, bad player. I was engaged in Elden ring for some time, so I can not say I am total beginner, but frustration was not so big there. I wish dear developers can come out with some middle solution not to endanger the “old” guys and their joy and at the same time get hundreds of new, rookie players. There are some suggestions already in this forum (summoning players from other realms, optional easier difficulty setting…). I am aware that difficulty options at start is not very common for these kind of games (I like it in Assassin Creed, where you can play total dumb :blush: and enjoy the environment, but that game is different), but on the other hand, why not try and be first ever with such an approach (you already combined APRG and Soulslike). Not sure, really, what to expect. I am just very sad I can not continue with the game, which offer so much more. Believe me, right now frustration is so huge, I can not even think of opening the game. Will multiplayer option once ready allow for combat the bosses together with friends, random players? Could this be solution? Please, listen to us too :blush: Thank you for reading, hope for the best