Devs please : do not overcasualise the game

Hello devs, first of all, I wanna thank you all for this masterpiece.

Regarding the feedback, I will do the exact same one as on the Steam Discussions : do not make the game easier please.

The game is quite well balanced right now and it should stay like this. We must use features you put on this game to push forward rather than only focus on leveling and combat.

I figure you buff stamina on the first day after the release but from my opinion, buffs is not the good and instant solution. Players should put points on their stamina stat, they should cook, they should use the good stuff to make their game easier, not complain when a tremendous experience give them a little resistance


This sort of response is flatly bad for the game’s design and you should consider more carefully before posting again, frankly. You’re using cheap buzzwords and you haven’t presented a rational argument for your position.

The stamina issue, specifically shows this.

Players should want to think about where to put their stats, but right now, it’s simply a bad idea to put them anywhere except stamina initially. You have maybe 10-15 less stamina than you actually need to operate at the start of the game. (so like 3-5 points need to in there).

Good design would mean putting enough stamina points that people putting more was something that was the result of their play choices, not something literally everyone who understands the mechanics is going to do, and people who don’t understand the mechanics will be screwed by. If you genuinely think people should have put in stamina, then the game should tell them that, rather than just creating a trap for players less familiar with the mechanics. It’s not like it’s some real challenge - you’re just suggesting a design which would hurt and confuse new players, whilst you’d be fine. That’s bad design, period.

So I don’t agree with you and I don’t think you’ve explained your position well. I suggest you re-think it.


Thank you for your answer Eurhetemec.

First of all, I maybe had a bad explanation on my own thoughts. I am not an english speaker and I do my best to be as clear as possible when it comes to feedback, especially when they may have an impact on the final release.

However, I do really think what I’ve said in my original post, I disagree with you as well when you say “people who don’t understand the mechanics would be screwed by” for the simple reason that it does not interfere with the mecanics of stamina itself but rather with the explanation of this feature.

I can’t imagine that a low stamina stat on the beginning is a “trap” like you have said. In the end the rebalance of stamina is not a real problem, I just want to share my opinion on “buff stats but nerf enemies” is not a solution when a huge amount of players is playing this kind of game to feel the resistance and play with the possibilites of the game.


Understand that when we are low level we have not a lot of Stamina and we should be carrefull using it is not a “trap”. It is common sense

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If it is common sense, I might suggest having the tutorial guide players to put their first set(s) of points into stamina. One of my critiques is that the leveling points are unclear at first what is functionally advantageous, and there’s no communication really about how permanent those points are.

So, if stam is basically required for most players, suggest it with a highlight or tooltip, even showing players the difference they’re getting out of those points clearly. But of course, allow players to choose anything and turn off the help if they don’t want it.

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I fully support the author. The fact that endurance will be the most important characteristic that will need to be improved is shown even during “training” battles on the ship. When you take 2-3 hits and your stamina runs out. I think every sane person will understand, even without any prompting, that “Damn, I don’t have enough stamina, I need to do something about it.”

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Indeed Kaprim is right it is common sense, the game tells you that you could up your stat when you reach the first level up and EVEN propose to see the consequence of increasing each stat

We do not want an over assisted game…

Maybe the game should propose an easy mode with this kind of feature.

I think you’re conflating easy and communicative. These are separate design concerns.

Suggesting that the first level up go toward a stat that people are arguing is a requirement to not be miserable in your first hour with the game is just good communication, especially if you can still choose something else.

Easy would be asking to remove stamina.

This is still during the tutorial area, remember.

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opinion disclaimer - if you have something to agre or disagree you are more than welcome <<

I missed being able to chose a class to start the game, the initial stats and possible weapons are lacking something

I cant equip a full set of rags and a weapon without fat rolling

the initial stats gain when leveling up should be bigger

And the initial gear is just so shabby, everything looks the same… Itens have no personality, a shame they went the crafting sad and boring trash lootfest instead of a slick and meaningful single player experience

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This is exactly right.

It’s a common problem too - players think that because info is hidden or not provided, them knowing it makes them cool and skilful, when all it actually means is they found out a random fact about a game.

If stamina is too low on purpose, then the game needs to tell you that, not to hope you intuit it. Especially as in other games, you couldn’t easily fix this like you can here. In Elden Ring, for example, you could not easily increase your stamina by 20% - it would take an awful lot of levels - here it takes 2 levels to go from “too little” to “enough for most things”, but unless you work that out, the early game will suck really and drive people off.

So either increase it, or have a prompt explaining it.

And you take ages to level up, they could very well level you twice as fast, or give you 10 points on leveling up

Well that’s just an opinion and not really valid feedback. I hate being the guy questioning feedback, but well. Your 10 points and twice the exp take would ruin the game for me. I don’t like games which are trying to rush it for no apparent reason. So yea, opinions.


I see, 10 points i quite a lot right?! xD (I was quite frustrated when I wrote that)

hummm, so let me explain better

usually in games, the first “LVL UP” gives more points than later on (like raise 10 health , and later on given 2 health)

The way it is now, even on lvl 6 I cant actually have a glimpse of a build, for I had to put all points in heath, stamina and weight

The impression is that at least this part is a little too slow

you see, usually in this kind of games we have a starting build, knight, mage, thief…

they all come with the basics

here we must start with the renegade class, lvl 1 and some rags

usually the first 10 lvls go really fast to get things going

would you care to explain better the “no rushing” you prefere?


at least half exp need up to level 10 I believe to be quite feasible to engage better (or a similar approach)

Maybe it’s just not your game and you need to look for something else.

Easy fix! World tiers.

God, the anti spirit ash players are everywhere…

Just my 2 cents:

I’ve played through and beaten the game (the Echo Knight) without putting a single point in stamina or focus.

A lot of enchantments/rings pertain to stamina - total value, how much is consumed, gained on hit, etc. I found these to be sufficient. The ring that grants 100 focus makes point investments in that stat unnecessary (should probably be nerfed!)

If anything newer players need to put more points into health and equip load for heavier armor. If you’re not very good at Souls-like combat (I’d consider myself “okay” at it), all the stamina in the world isn’t going to help if you die from 1-2 hits, especially when basic healing has a cooldown. On the other hand if you have room to make a few mistakes and survive until the healing cooldown ends, you’re probably better off.

Yeah, the affixes are still way unbalanced and create very uninteresting spam meta.

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