Craft times, weapon inspect (runes) and bow

I personally don’t like how the ingots are on timers, it does stop the flow a bit, I am still early so don’t know if the timer stays so short or increases but I feel it can be very annoying if you don’t have anything else to build and only want to upgrade your equipment.

Please add the ability to inspect weapons so we get descriptions of the runes. I never understood the channel spell from the gnarled staff for example with just testing

I would love for bows to be a main weapon instead of secondary that just uses focus, maybe add a higher stamina per non rune use, no parry as well?

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I agree on the ingots thingy silver ore and cloth materials take too long inmho

and about the bow .Iam using one handed dagger and bow and its so op with so much focus and I am also generating focus aswell
so it would be even more OP if the bow doesnt cost focus, you could just spam ranged attacks in the current state
Iam running crucible dungeons with my eyes closed with this build
you stagger them with frost arrows and generate so much focus with few hits on dagger
then rinse and repeat

it would be abusing and not fun tbh
glad they made it focus,but it also should cost stamina and focus
and they should atleast make it cost double tbh,cause later on you are a beast

In the new patch they did make it stamina, and it honestly is a lot harder. Simply because a single shot takes so much stamina. I do enjoy it much more like that