Couple of suggestions

Enjoying the game. Its a tough game and i am an old player (over 50). Having to play with a controller is tough when your used to play with the keyboard. I have to suggestions. Make some kind of room where you can actually practice the fighing without the durability issue and with different enemies. It would be nice to have a place where you can actually practice using different weapons in order to grasp the different nuances. In addition it would be nice to have also a tutorial inside this practice mode to understand the details of the fighting without having to practice in the real world where all your deaths costs in terms of repairs.

I am level 6 and i accepted a bounty for Darak. I am struggling against it and am dying alot. Dont have the money to repair my stuff and is frustrating. Making money is also frustrating if you need it for repairs.

Second suggestion: I’ve seen that the repair costs have been reduced, however i am struggling in making money to repair because of my many deaths. The money you find around the map is very little compared to the money you have to spend for repairs, especially if your fighting a bosses. At least for the money, there should be more money in the coffins and around in general. I am sure that there are people that are experts in this type of fighting and are not having the same issues, but it would be appreciated.

Thank you

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that moment when you do a hard core parkour and it is 1 coin…