Could you please add a combat practice feature?

Hello folks. I would like to propose a combat practice feature, maybe in the area in front of Sacrament’s Gate, where the intro boss fight takes place.

I have to say I am not the most skilled player, but I believe combat is a bit hard at times, especially when you hit some story milestone and suddenly mobs can kill you with 2-3 hits. Playing with a keyboard can be a bit unresponsive sometimes, making it really difficult to figure out the parry timing.
Dying over and over again somewhere in the open world, except for the repair cost, adds one more nuisance. You have to travel again and again to the place you fight to death.
So I was hoping you could implement a type of practice arena, where you can choose to fight against enemies you have encountered in game. You could also add indicators to help people find the correct timing for parry, dodges etc. This way, the player can learn the combat without extra time-consuming punishment and then test themselves in the open world.

Just dying without even being able to understand what you did wrong because you were caught in an enemy combo attack, or a very powerful blow is just frustrating after the 10-12th time. And having to navigate from whisper to death-point worsens it. Of course, this is my opinion, and it might not be very popular in the specific genre. As I said, I am not very skillful, and keyboard doesn’t help me either. I hope though it could be point of discussion that might help the game , even if my proposal is dismissed.

Thank you for this great game.

Welcome. This is the trick - suffer)

Unfortunately, not exactly my type of entertainment. But I totally understand your point. XD

This is the meaning of the souls-like. You must learn the enemy’s moveset through pain and suffering. And not relaxing on the training arena. Otherwise, all this makes no sense (the game genre as a whole).

But yes, this type of entertainment is not suitable for everyone, so such games are not for all. Although some Elden sold well.
This is my second similar game in this genre, the first was Sands of Aura and I’m starting to really like it.

here you can say “thank devs” that the enemies do not revive after your death and you can make an almost infinite heals

What was the slogan in the Edge of Tomorrow - live, die and live again