Console Performance Optimization?

With early access beginning, I’ve seen plenty of articles, or forum posts about its PC performance. I’m trying to wait till the console launch, but has anyone heard what frame rate it will perform on consoles?

When looking at the Microsoft Store page it says, “optimized for Series S/X” But that doesn’t mean much. Some games with that tag run at 60, others at 30.

I believe that this game will run easily at 60 FPS on V1.0 for consoles.

In a short period of time, they were able to do lots of optimizations and after each hotfix the game is more stable, and I always can increase something on my graphics settings.

So, if they keep doing like that, I do really believe that the game will run easily at 45 fixed on Steam Deck, what makes me think that on a PS5 or XBOS Series X/S it will run at 60 FPS with ease.