Community Chest & NPCS Are Too Far & Chest Doesn't Have Enough Space

I know gear and resource management is somewhat part of the genre, but running back and forth between the merchants, community chest, Sacrement Whisper, and other NPCs like the town projects guy is tedious. Even after unlocking the shorter route to the community chest it’s not much better. All of these things should be much closer together. I’m guessing once I can get an upgraded house I’ll be able to do most everything there, but that’s going to take a while. I just don’t want to spend my time in game running back and forth to the same points in town.

Also, the community chest should be way larger (if there’s a way to upgrade it, I haven’t found it yet). I’ve maxed it out easily and could use probably 4x more space. In a multiplayer scenario, it would need to be WAY larger.