Community Chest - Space, Sorting Sending Items from Inventory to Chest, and Vendors

After playing for a significant amount of time now (currently working through The Black Trench), I’m encountering issues with storage space and how the community chest interacts with vendors. With only about 6 hours played, my community chest is completely full of what are around 95% crafting materials - this feels like an inadequate amount of storage. Is there any reason why this chest shouldn’t have infinite storage, or at least significantly more?

Additionally, there doesn’t appear to be a sort option for the chest. This would make interacting with it easier.

Another thing is that it can feel kinda bad to be unable to pick up an item because your inventory is full. One possible suggestion I would have is to allow players to send items directly from their inventory to the community chest, from the inventory screen, while out in a zone (similar to the Demon’s Souls remake), thus allowing them to free up space. An alternative or addition to this would be the ability to send loot straight to the community chest immediately after picking it up, assuming that category of inventory is already full. I believe this would make exploration even more rewarding and reduce frustration.

Lastly, it would be nice if vendors could utilize a pool of items made up of both the player’s current inventory and their community chest. So essentially, players could sell items stored in the chest to vendors, as well as use stored items as crafting mats. This would eliminate the relatively long traversal from the chest to the vendor each time you want to visit them.



Agreed! I would make as well not necessary to have the resources needed in your inventory when crafting or building-

I agree with the community chest being either infinite or have 5-10x the space it has now but I don’t think there should be an option to send items from inventory to chest anywhere in the world. That would effectively make the players inventory space infinite.

I agree that a functionally infinite inventory could be a concern; however, I think this is a concern mainly for usable items such as blade oils, healing items, etc. Having a functionally infinite inventory for non-usable items such as crafting mats would not cause an issue imo, because the player is not receiving any real gameplay (i.e. combat/survival) advantage for being able to collect them. Being unable to pick up something like a Human Bone crafting mat because your inventory is full feels pretty bad imo, and my intent would be to avoid these types of situations while also not overpowering the player by allowing them to carry too many combat/healing items. Hope that makes sense.