Collection of suggestions after 30+ hours

Have been playing the game a lot since EA started and have really enjoyed it. That being said, there are a lot of things I’d like to see. Here’s my list:

1. Ability to set what controller buttons are displayed – Pick whether you want the game to display Xbox buttons or Playstation buttons. It can be really confusing to play with a Playstation controller and always see Xbox controller buttons.

2. Auto-pickup money – It’s very disappointing to climb and jump up a bunch of ledges and whatnot to get to that glowy, only to get to it and find out it’s 4 copper pieces. Maybe have it be a shining white sparkly on the ground that gets picked up automatically once you get close enough to it.

3. A more prominent reticle indicating the target you’re locked on to – Currently it’s just a little red dot that’s barely noticeable.

4. More prominent stamina bar – In the heat of battle it can be quite difficult to see your stamina bar, particularly if there are a lot of other effects flying around.

5. Bigger stacks of items – Some items reach that max stack size of 20 very quickly.

6. Faster base movement speed – Sprinting everywhere is pretty much necessary since the “walking” speed is practically a crawl.

7. Chance to get weapons and armor that enemies are using/wearing - I know this is already the case to a degree, but it’d be nice to be able to target farm the stuff you want

8. Ability to delete realms

9. Give descriptions to gems and runes saying what they actually do - Currently you have to go to the enchanter and try to infuse a gem to see what it’ll add to a weapon or piece of armor. You have to actually use the rune skill to see what it does, which can be frustrating sometimes, especially when you can’t use the weapon the rune is in and the name doesn’t make it obvious. Perhaps show previews of what a rune spell or skill does.

10. Ability to overwrite gems and runes in non-legendary gear – It sucks to spend a bunch of time and/or resources trying to make a good weapon, then start infusing gems into it and you get minimum rolls on them.

11. Ability to change which runes are assigned to which buttons – When you use a weapon for a while, you get used to this rune skill being on this button, but then you switch to a different weapon and you may not be able put that rune skill on that button because something else is already there. It’d be nice to be able to rearrange them to suit your preferences.

12. Respec/reallocate stat points – Would be very nice to be able to reallocate spent stat points at some point if you dislike how you spent them

13. “Barbershop” – Someone that allows you to change how your character looks for a price. Some additional hair colors would be nice too.

14. Transmogrification or Cosmetic outfits – Don’t know if this is even possible or not, but it would be nice to be able change the appearance of your weapons and armor to other models to put together an appearance you like/prefer. There are a lot of cool armors and weapons and it kinda sucks that a lot won’t get used anymore once people find what’s BIS for their build. =( Even if it is limited to armor or weapon type (i.e. You can only make mesh armor look like mesh armor, two-handed swords can only look like two-handed swords, you can’t make plate armor look like cloth armor and you can’t make a dagger look like a sword) it’d still allow for a lot of customization.

15. Turn off helmet visibility – Our character’s heads are one of the few things we can customize visually. It’d be nice to be able to see them. Just a toggle to show or hide your helmet.

16. Consistent weapon type requirements - The stat requirements to use weapons seems to be all over the place. This 1h sword requires strength and int, this 1h sword requires dex, this 1h sword requires strength. It makes trying to come up with a build difficult since you can’t predict what stats weapons will require and scale off of. And since you can’t reallocate stat points, you’re not really encouraged to try new things without creating an entirely new character.


Regarding weapon type requirements, I’ve seen a spear (petal spear I think was the name) that requires faith, and that was a head scratcher. It didn’t have any divine effects or anything, just a spear with a fancy petal motif.