Choice and Use of Consumables

Hello everyone,

I am creating this topic to discuss the mechanics of choosing and using consumables, and to gather your opinions on the best possible improvements.

In combat, I find it very complicated to optimize the use of consumables, which means I don’t use them much. Here are several ideas I have:

  1. With a short press on the down arrow, scroll through the consumables and assign a specific button for their use (like in the Souls games). Using the same arrow with a long press could also work.
  2. With a long press, display a selection wheel with several slots. This would require adding a mechanic that slows down time during the selection of consumables, an approach used in most modern “Light” RPGs.
  3. Keep the original functioning by simply adding a mechanic that slows down time.

Personally, I think the first option would be more suitable if we want to maintain that “Souls” spirit with increased difficulty in equipping consumables.

However, given that it is possible to craft consumables in large quantities, it would be preferable to be able to use them quickly and smoothly.

Edit : It would also be relevant to have an overview of the characteristics of the selected object.

I would like to hear your opinions :blush:

Thank you!

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Yes i feel the same. Need change how tò do this

I just realized that a slowdown feature cannot work because the game is designed to be multiplayer. But if you have any ideas to help or guide the developers…