How I would improve consumable usage

One of the biggest things I noticed is the missed usage to have right trigger serve a better function than emotes. The trigger is one of those buttons that can still be used while moving your character in most games, it would be ideal for it to be used for something important.

I envision that having right trigger strictly control your consumables (currently d-pad up) may be a nice QOL improvement. Holding it and moving right stick allows you to select a consumable and releasing right trigger would make that the default item; a single press of RT would use the consumable. This would allow you to still be in control of your character while choosing items and healing.

D-pad up could simply be the emote menu, as it’s cumbersome to press when in combat.

Off topic but loving the game so far, finally beat the Cerim Crucible boss today and can’t wait for more chapters. Great work devs, there hasn’t been a game I have played for quite some time that leaves me wanting more when I completed what is has to offer (33 hrs in and upgraded the town to level 3 as well; also please don’t make the game easier, I love how punishing the Crucible is)