A way to cycle consumables

I would like to use all the cool consumables more, but i find i dont use them because I can only have one assigned at a time. Mid combat you cant switch to another one. It would be cool if there was a way to cycle through these

I know there aren’t any buttons left, but perhaps holding the d pad button down would open up a circle similar to games like breath of the wild or horizon zero dawn. You could then select the item with the right stick to use. Not super important, but an option to look into


I dont use pots cause Im lazy to assign each one for different situation.
I will go as far as to say give us more slots and keybinds for pots/ consumables.
Like give us 2-4 slots so we can choose which one to use… Way more fun!

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And now that I think about it, right trigger is used for emotes… Those would fare much better on the down dpad (its hard to press in the middle of a fight).

Right trigger opening a consumable wheel would be amazing