"chance to gain health on Damage Taken" GAIN TOO MUCH

when you collected 4 plate armors which contain this enchantment, you can arrive the 8th trial without eating any food item.
even face the ECHO KNIGHT, it’s still very ez.
no joking it was just verified

Don’t use it if you don’t like it. Stop trying to ruin the fun for everyone else. Simple fix.


Now imagine in Crucible 2…it’s not enough. Crucible I think is being designed for fun, not difficulty. So the ease at which people are finding it now with enchanted gear seems right. It’s meant to be a quick and fun mode.

The fact it is hard right now for some is simply due to a misunderstanding of the game. I eventually found a way to not even need to tank Echo Knight because he can’t get but 1 shot off anyway before I kill him. So this idea to nerf anything that makes it easy is wrong. It’s meant to be easy…over time of course. So enjoy the fact you are not only good enough to get to this point but also…smart enough to figure it out. That’s a good thing.

P.S. Never be disappointed you are good at what others may find difficult. Always strive to get better, but never forget we all had our first game.

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Don’t use it if you don’t like it. Stop trying to ruin the fun for everyone else. Simple fix.

Precisely this. Everything is optional. Not sure why so many people are obsessed with the idea of “Im using this thing completely optionally of my own volition, and its quite powerful. I dont think others should be able to do it”. If you want to make the game harder for yourself. You can do that. Others shouldnt be limited to their play because youre choosing to willingly make, enchant, infuse, and equip full “heal on x” plate gear.

I wish it wasn’t such a popular idea that game balance doesn’t matter. Try to see it from the perspective of an experienced or skilled player:

  • I want to make a build focused around rune attacks, but it trivializes the game.
  • I want to make a vampire build, but it trivializes the game.
  • I want a damage reflect build, but it trivializes the game.
  • I want a magic build, but it trivializes the game.
  • And so on, etc.

It basically means a competent player has to make an intentionally bad build for the game to remain challenging (if they’re interested in any build which scales too high). They have to purposefully play worse and ignore synergies to have a good time. Even if you’re a player who only wants to play casually, you should be able to see how this could be a problem for other players.

It’s also why “if you don’t like it, don’t use it” misses the mark so much. Like in this case, OP obviously likes it if they went through the trouble of collecting the necessary armor pieces. They like it and they’re punished for pursuing what they like by the removal of any challenge. You can say that collecting 4 armor pieces with the same OP enchantment is unlikely without using exploits at this time, but over the next few months people will naturally acquire lots of strong armor, so the problem remains.


and not just that. well i can only assume, but i think that people reporting things like that, do it first and foremost because it:

  1. could be a bug
  2. could be stronger than intended

games are also art, and every dev team should be allowed to realize their vision of the game, not mine or yours or anyones. if they say “hey we did not want this to be that strong” its an end all argument imo.

and aside from all that, multiplayer is coming, and i said it times and times again, but things need to be balanced in order for coop and/or pvp to be fun.

plus this “let ME have fun, why don’t u just not use it” argument is purely egoistic imo.
every built should feel as satisfying as any other built. and when one sticks out too much, it just changes the whole game dynamic.

and before we start the “don’t nerf just buff everything else” discussion again. everyone suggesting that should invest some of their time in programming, to understand that “just buff everything else” can be an almost unmanageable task. tons of dependencies need to be checked or might create a multitute of unforseen bugs and glitches. so please, don’t be that person.


you can also just simply turn this argument around. why should only you be allowed to keep things you like, while many others, likely the majority of people find it takes their fun out of the game?

people who feel its not fun to use these builts are in your argumentation only allowed to use other builts and shut up.


I also think people complaining gets things nerfed that should not be in my opinion. Things were tested before they were released. Just because some people do not like the power of whatever it is does not mean it is not balanced the way it was intended. It means that devs tend to cater to certain sets of people (often 1% gamers who are streamers and no life game play all the time for a living). Thus, when this happens, things get nerfed based on that demographic… which does not mean it should have been done because of that subset of people playing a game.

that sadly does not make any sense what so ever. if devs nerf something it means it is not the way they intended.

how can this be? well, EA means we are pretty much all alpha testers. devs with a small team can not possibly test everything to the same extend thousands of EA players do. so when someone notices, that something feels off, and asks the devs “hey was this intended” and they nerf it, you get your answer. it was not intended.

internal testing can in no way cover all the things players find when putting hundreds of hours in. its simple math. take 1000 players, investing 100 hours, and you have such an amount of testing that would cost a dev team to hire hundreds of people testing full time, not coding at all.

this whole “1% of players get what they want just because they stream” is really nonsense. sorry. it might draw attention to things faster, because of reach, but the result would be the same either way. once something is found that the devs find too strong or too weak, it will get changed, no matter how it was found. and it is also not the point of this post. a player simply stated that it feels “off”. so there is really no need to start this “please do not nerf my fav built” discussion over and over again.

we can all state opinions, but yelling it out in the void 100 times does not make it more right or wrong. again, the results will be the same each time: the dev team decides what is intended and what not.

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I am not going to argue. I disagree with you. There are games in which streamers caused massive nerfs to the whole system because they complained so much. I do not want this game to have that happen. Diablo IV is a shinning example of every one of the streamers screaming nerf this and nerf that and that game went down in flames. I truly hope that does not happen to this game, as I really do love it. Nerfing everything because people start complaining is exactly what is wrong with games now adays.

I don‘t like the mechanic at all, baseline. It is too much RNG resulting in a somewhat binary state - Either you stacked enough → boring, or you didn‘t → unreliable and basically useless. There are more interesting ways to create sustain tank - playstyles.

If i recall correctly the chance of it proccing was about 1 in 7. So the only way to ensure its reliability is to stack it to the max, through strongly RNG based itemization, as well as attribute points. Gimping everything else. Which is exactly what is happening in these highlight reels. It‘s pretty much unavoidable, when you have this much flexibility in the Game only gated by RNG.

Balance wise its also not efficient - A struggle to get there and slow in execution in comparison against other methods. There are other ways to trivialize the game, that are much more efficient.

If they do not want itemization to be able to trivialize the game they should lower the overall numbers and RNG, instead of specific ones.

Also: why is everything highe base % AND % of maximum based? If you stack X Maximum with X% Maximum with X% of Maximum gain with X% healing increase of course it is going to be trivializing at some point. If it aint, the baseline is practically useless, which in return leads to polarization such as this.

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I agree with this. As I stated, the developers intentionally made these mechanics the way they are currently. Thus, if someone does not want to use it, they should not have to do so and choose another path. For someone calling to nerf it because they managed to get a specific combination of it on gear (highly unlikely they did it this fast without a Trainer program - especially with the RNG as insane as it is) and ruin the fun of such a build for others (especially if they do it legit) is not going to bode well for how the majority of the player base will view the game if the devs nerf based on a small subset of players (as I have noted above in the example with Diablo IV crash and burn).

That is not why Diablo IV failed. Diablo IV failed because the developers don’t understand what players want and instead try to appease shareholders through quarterly earnings. See their predatory earning model, the sheer amount of critical bugs, the way they artificially inflate the game time and a whole lot more. They don’t listen to their player base.

Nerfing and Buffing has nothing to do with this at all. Nerfing is the natural reaction to something being broken. Buffing is it’s counterpart. As more affixes, talents, weapons etc get added to the game things will get balanced. You can look at League of Legends where champions, items and runes get nerfed and buffed consistently. Players don’t quit that game over nerfs, they just play different champions or use different items. A lot of times item and champion combinations are simply busted and need a nerf.

The argument of: ‘‘don’t use it if you don’t like it’’, is one of the worst arguments. You are just dismissing the argument, without engaging in a discussion. Furthermore, the argument admits, in a round about way, that there is an issue with it. Most of the time it is just people that enjoy overpowered stuff and don’t want it nerfed for those reasons. I genuinely don’t care about people that have fun that way. It is such a selfish argument also. Try using the same argument with drugs and see how you feel about the argument then.


You should at least admit, that that clearly has been a part of the issue though. :upside_down_face:

Btw Season 4 is an improvement.

Totally agree with this! Issue being, that LoL is far more flexible than Wicked in its current state, has more tangible breakpoints and no RNG involved in the same ways, also Nerfs are usually acoompanied by Buffs to other things. If Wicked came a little closer in some regards, i think Nerfs would be be seen in a much better light. Personally i would love that, as it not only respects players time, it keeps the game fresh and interesting.

Btw its a good point that often times the combination of factors can make something broken. That should be considered. Often the wrong things are nerfed.

Again agree 100%. Sadly its common practice to run into a wall there. Just had a pretty distinct “argument” (if you can call it that) about the current binary Parry Mechanics. Change often times is a good thing, would be nice if it wasn’t onesided and the blows are not lessened to some extend, what imo is the actual issue.

On another note: Imo core issues should be addressed first, instead of specifics. Often times I’d rather have affixes removed or changed completely rather than nerfed, just to have them back at almost the exact same place with the right combinations.

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I think the most impactful change will be when we get the talent tree. I remember Thomas posting on X that they wanted multiple playstyles. I’ll quote a part of his X post:

''What that means is that upon leveling, instead of just putting a point into this or that attribute, you’d pick from one of various ‘talents’ so that we could get even more build diversity than the attribute system would ever allow for.

This way, people could play multiple e.g. strength builds that all max out with a different specialization.‘’

I think once they get to that point in development, paired with more affixes, conditional and unique ones. We will get ‘better’ nerfing and buffing since we have more defined playstyles.

I agree that League is more flexible, currently. There is too much RNG in Wicked currently with white gear and enchanting. In League we can have several different specializations, Bruiser, Tank and Assassin for example. And even the build paths are different. I would like it if Wicked was more like that with the combinations of affixes, weapons and future possible talents. But, that is getting too much off topic.


Sidenote: I’ve seen the parry ‘‘discussion’’, I aint bothering with that :joy:

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Agree 100% with that take.

Wicked could learn a lot from league! Especially since the Soulslike style trend attracts some, albeit often toxic, PvP lovers.

Wise choice! :rofl: The time I have wasted, trying to have a sincere argument… :melting_face: I never learn… Still think its better to try, than to give up instantly. :upside_down_face: Think I will resort to anonymous Polls for results around that topic instead. Feel free to parttake. Valuable perspectives are always welcome.

It is not solely the enchantment that carries this set-up, but the full plate armor set. You can replace “gain health on hit” with either “healthregen” on every piece of gear or just have “gain health on damage dealt” and you will have a similar experience.
Full plate armor set offers a lot of defenses with little investment so that all available sustain options tend to trivialize the game.

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