Challenge - Kills with a bow

I noticed this a couple days ago, so unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots, but for the challenge that involves getting kills with a bow, you can finish this challenge with shield parrying.

I picked up the bow challenge because I thought I might loot one eventually, but I noticed if I killed an enemy with a shield parry, it counted as a kill with a bow. Maybe it just assumes a kill with an off-hand item is done with a bow?

The same occurred with me with the Challenge “kill enemy with a bow” and “kill enemy with a spear.” I am currently only holding a one-handed axe and a shield. I do not have a spear nor a bow. Does the wording imply kill an enemy that is holding a bow or an enemy holding a spear as a weapon? I did kill enemies holding a spear as a weapon, but do not recall enemies with a bow (they had a crossbow, but the challenge did not progress when killing them).

I don’t think it has to do with enemy weapons but I’m not 100% sure. I just know I had a 100% success rate when killing an enemy with a shield parry

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Interesting. Currently don’t have that challenge, but next time I do I’ll try shield parrying to see if happens to me as well.

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Oh damn thanks for the report. We will look into this!


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Got the Marksman Master Challenge and I also got 100% success rate and finished the challenge with a shield parry on different mobs. No bow in-hand or equipped.

I got the spear challenge by using the spikey shield and just let enemies kill themselves on it. No spear in hand, and up to that point, I’d never held one.

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