Just Some Feedback on the Bow Changes

So this is just from a quick test with the bow to see about the stamina based change. If the basic arrow is going to cost stamina like a normal attack, I feel like it should gain focus like a normal attack.

Also, I wish it did more damage than my fist. I do 3x with the same stamina if I just punch the guy instead. I feel like an arrow in my lungs would hurt more.

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Dude, you’d break the game if your bow was as good as melee.

Atm you can just climb on top of a barrel and shoot the enemies without any challenge.

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They should probably make them better about that too. Give them more grenades and make them more aggressive.

Atm the bows and staffs feel identical in that they just become rune spammers once you throw on a damage=focus gem. Just the staff gets a good melee combo and the bow doesn’t.

PS: Everything breaks the game in its current state. Grab any cc rune and stunlock Echo Knight into a corner.

It’s hard to make bows work without changing the AI of every mob in the game who doesn’t have a ranged attack. I made a suggestion shortly after release which is one possible solution, but not sure how the devs feel about it as it might be awkward to relay to the player what is happening.

The solution: https://forum.norestforthewicked.com/t/solutions-to-appease-diablo-fans-without-upsetting-souls-fans/2794

As the bow stands now, it’s a fun gimmick for players like me who enjoy the archer fantasy. I’m making it work and having a lot of fun with a fresh new char which I never thought would happen. I’m even enjoying the gathering now. Thinking that eventually I’ll focus on buffing runes and rely on potions / dagger to get enough focus to cast them, then plink away.