Captain Randolph talks too much

As charming as he is, maybe Randolph doesn’t have to say his one or two lines every time I pass him, which is quite frequently. I’m starting to get flashbacks of the floo flame statue from Hogwarts Legacy. :wink:

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I think this also applies to the horde of people in town square who shout at me that I might be the adventuring type, every few minutes.

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Better here than back in tir… :person_facepalming:

Yeah alot of these lines need to be said way less! :rofl:

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Yh both right. I suppose adding different lines into the mix could also help

i am tired of everyone repeating their lines every time i pass honestly

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The fish are bastards.

You wear silly armor, buy a uniform.

Blacksmith idle chatter.

Always are on repeat.
I wish I could shhhh them ciry folk up sometimes…without affecting other sounds/lines.

You have to admit, though: The Madrigal will bring salvation to our sickened island.


“Maybe it’s about time you drop that silly outfit of yours and put on a uniform.”

I’m wearing literally the SAME god damn outfit as you. What do you mean?! Ha