Can someone explain how tiers work?

Please explain how the tier system works. I keep hearing tier 1, tier 2 etc. Not sure what it means. Is it tied to specific points in the game? Or can you adjust difficulty for more exp etc. like in diablo?

There are are item and vendor/shop tiers. Currently they go up to T3.

There’s no difficulty/world tier ala Diablo. The areas are updated according to your level (or progress, I don’t really know how it works).

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I mean i use it as a general term when describing item levels, or enemy levels, or area levels, so like from the shallows and the keep and the glades before sacrament are tier 1 based areas with tier 1 item drops and tier 1 enemies, tier 2 would be the sewers and everything untill you beat Darrick for the second time, and tier 3 would be the nameless pass and beyond that up to the twins, and after that would be endgame content like the crucible… so basically its a way to quickly gauge a power? level or something like that…,. hope it helps

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Yes, thanks! It makes sense how the enemies in Nameless Pass are tougher than in previous areas.

I guess the question I have then is how do you know the difficulty of an area or what level an enemy is since none of this information is visible anywhere?

I just look at the top right corner to get an idea. I feel that rating is based on your lvl and gear. I know at lvl 21 when I fully upgraded my gear which doubled my AC all areas went to a green “Safe”.

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