Build with Dual Daggers

I’m a newcomer to the game and I’ve fallen in love with Dual Daggers. I love the fast-paced and dynamic combat, the feeling of control in dodges, and stamina management.

I just reached level 5 and I’m focusing my points on Dexterity and Stamina, but I’ve already distributed some points into Health, Strength, and Weight (and, by mistake, 1 point into Focus).

My question is: how should I distribute my skill points from now on to optimize my performance with Dual Daggers?

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Focus on dexterity and might put some other weapons requirement stats should you require them. If you want to maintain fast equipment load calculate how much equip load stat is needed for you to maintain it. And lastly, stamina, get to a point where you are satisfied in dealing an amount of damage while still having enough stamina to dodge an incoming counterattack.

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I converted my Dual Daggers into machine guns with infinite output.
First of all, your equipment must have damage that can restore focus. It is best to have attribute damage. Increase the focus to about 200 and ensure that you can attack at least twice in case you miss the first time. When you use the special skill of level 11 dagger, focus will be restored continuously, so you can continue to use skills.
I just use this trick to constantly kill the boss. .


Holly G! That’s awesome, I’ll absolutely try this! Thank you fr :pray: :pinched_fingers:

Thank you a lot, gonna keep it in mind! :pray: :running_man: