Bounties rework

First let’s understand bounties.

From my playthrough, I noticed bounties are just replacing the area original monsters with the new bounty designated monsters, like the crabs festering the whole western Mariner’s Keep.

I think the whole “crabs festering a castle” theme is very funny and entertaining, however I don’t want to be told by the bounties, I want to discover it myself.

Maybe cancel out the bounty, instead make it a random event that surprises people. Like maybe in a peaceful afternoon I thought: “Hey let’s mine some coppers!” and headed towards Mariner’s Keep, but instead greeted by a large number of crabs festering the area, with a big crab boss behind them.

That would be fun isn’t it?

Details Behind the scene:
1.Auto-pick up random bounties when in town, but hidden from players.
2.When player is approaching bounty area, trigger bounty, but no text shown, no information given.
3. Set a bounty boss, highlight it, make it visible.
4.When bounty boss is slain, boss drop bounties reward.
5. Bounties enter cooldown.
6. Reset.
7. When player triggered bounty but instead returns to town without killing bounty boss, reset bounty.

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