Over 100 hrs 3 playthroughs but no Boar tusk. Have you hidden them or forgot to put them in? Great Game but frustrated.

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I find most of my rare items doing map clears. I clear every single inch of the map. I’ve accumulated more than enough to max every 1h weapon in the game so far without having to grind for any materials.

I am soon doing all 2H weapons too. Only thing I am short on is Silver and that’s only because I don’t focus on it. I still have no issues getting enough Silver to have maxed all 1H weapons and soon all 2H weapons.

Just focus on the open world for a week and you will see a big change in items vs Crucible only runs.

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there is another post about this here: Can't find Boar Tusk? - #2 by Vinkec

not sure if it is a bug tho. i got them from grinnich if i remember correctly. just open a few realms and upgrade grinnich to max. then hop realms once daily to check if he sells them.

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