How to get boar tusks? - Craftin material

Not sure if this is intentional, its me or a bug but there are some crafting materials that I have never found, I got a recipe for a pure int sword called “CRONUS”, it asks for 10 BOAR TUSKs.

I wasn’t able to find even 1 boar in the whole game and I already finished the story, I got this sword recipe around level 15 and I am 24 now.

I found today 1 boar tusk being sold by Grinnich.

Anyone found any other way to get these?

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I did find one random in the wild actually just on the ground around level 11. Seems like a drop or find that needs boosting for sure.

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Did you figure it out? i need

I’m finding them at times when running the Crucible. But they seem still more scarce.

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No, I did find 1 the other day in a chest in nameless pass and almost cry haha, I have 5 so far. If you really want them you can create multiple realms, upgrade the vendor Grinnich to 2 (or maybe 3) and check each day on each realm if he is selling them. But foor me that is a lot of time that I am not willing to expend lol.

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Do you remember the chest location? is it after 3rd whisper in nameless or before?

I don’t remember but it was outside, anyway I suppose its just a drop rate on any chest in the area

I’ve run into quite a few just farming at random. Bear paws on the other hand…

I finally got it from the vendor


I just found one in a chest right outside that checkpoint! As I was Reading this… Karma is on my side, this is the place!