Bear Paw to upgrade

Where can i find Bär Paw

in the crucible. I was looking too and finally found one. In about 40 try)

You can find them everywhere once you are at the current endgame, but it’s RNG so good luck.

The merchant can also sell them so check him out every so often.

in the crucible. I was looking

I’m already in the end game, dealer definitely needs level 3?

i use dual dagger “Brothers” and i need it for lvl 3

These literally don’t exist on my realm. I have done crucible so many times and my daggers are stuck at 12dmg. I don’t do enough damage to the boss @12dmg. I have nearly 35hrs in the game so far and have explored everything opening all chests and no paws. This is crazy, how bad the RNG is to upgrade a weapon.

Yeah they need to increase the drop rate I have a katana and I found one out of 30 or 40 runs in the crucible. I had to trade out my weapon due to not finding any.

Yesterday I bought two paws from a merchant. Finley, ginley… I don’t remember the name. The one next to the tailors’ house.
This allowed me to reach the end of the 3rd level of my daggers.

That’s crazy I have the vendors maxed I have never seen them sold.
It’s ok now but I’m sure eventually they will be sold. However I’m waiting for them to increase the level cap I’m 30 now and it’s turned into login do dailies and grind more incor and log out or run crucible. I’m debating on rolling a new toon and world.

yeah the drop rates are too low, it’s the same with boar tusks…

You see that’s funny I get boar tusks a lot as well as bear hearts and every other resource just not the bear claws. I found only 1 bear claw this whole time never again though. Have you ever found a misformed skull or head?? I have a ton of those but not sure what they upgrade. I have a whole chest full of skulls and not sure what they upgrade. I just started getting a lot of another that is an eagle like bird head I feel should be a rare drop but I get them all the time.
I think the loot table RNG Is a little wacky. I also drop every weapon but straight swords those are rare to my world. Super wacky loot table.

yeah it seems REALLY random^^ maybe a rotation would be better, like:

roll rarity, then roll item + items that have rolled in the past are less likely

update: I found one bear paw in the crucible after about 30+ runs. I have managed to kill the echo knight with a 12dmg dagger 3 times. I cannot upgrade my weapon due to the lack of materials. I cant switch my class due to no respec. btw I am lvl 30, own two houses and have completed all stories upgrades. I have bounced back and fourth to different realm vendors and even bought out entire vendors stash to see the next rolls. This is pretty stupid.

I was probably able to upgrade 5 weapons where it was required, just loot everything, sooner or later you’ll come across