Weapon upgrade materials

How does one supposed to farm/obtain those?

I’m running two handed sword that dropped from the first boss but to make it T3 I need a “bear paw”. I was running around the whole map and didn’t manage to find a single bear and I need two of those to get the upgrade.

Also while I was doing that I got another decent weapon drop, but to upgrade it I need a “wolf claw”. I know a single location where a lone wolf spawns. But after 10+ kills I didn’t get a single claw, this is just stupid.

I tried checking vendors, but none of them sell it.

As you level up the zones you previously cleared get overrun by enemies again. You can see this on the map as the zone is greyed out again (like fog of war) and the areas have a “dangerous” label. At a certain point I found lots off wolfs in that starter beach and ‘castle’ area and got showered with “wolf claws”.

Having loot and items progress with your level does sound interesting but the game has to do a better job indicating where certain items can be found. Like maybe give that information when you open the map and hoover over a certain area.

It also leads to a different problem which the devs already acknoweledged which is currently most noticable with clay. At a certain level the loottable of the dig sites changes so that clay is no longer farmable. Pretty terrible if all the vendor upgrades in your town require heaps of clay.

what level are you? I’ve got to level 16 and checked castle and beach area multiple times, but there’s no wolfes there for me :frowning: The only time I got a pack of 3 wolfs was when I took a daily bounty for them but even then I didn’t get a single fang drop - only skulls. So my only “consistent” way of getting wolfs is hunting down one in the planes.

I’m level 16 too. Just checked couldn’t find a single wolf in Mariners Keep. Did find three in The Shallows (starting beach area). One of to the right where you start and two to the left where that first whisper is inside that tower. They didn’t dropped “claws” for me though only “hearts” so hopefully we didn’t ‘outlevel’ those claws.

I found them around these x’s

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thanks, I’ll try these spots :slight_smile: do you by chance know where bears spawn?

Not sure if you still need wolf claws but at level 18 the Black Trench was full of wolves.

Bear claws are a random chest item for me.

Found 2 wolfs where you pointed on the map near the tower, thanks :slight_smile: Though it’s weird that I never saw the third wolf on the beach

looking “bear paw” too)
Are they even in this version of the game?

Finally got my second one just now, from a random chest in the Black Trench

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