Base movement speed feels bad

Love the game guys/gals! It’s truly something special and I’m having a great time, but one thing I can’t get over is how darn slow the base movement speed is, no matter how low my equipped weight is. Whether I’m butt naked or 100% heavy it’s basically all the same on walk speed and it just feels way too slow. This leads me to using sprint 100% of the time for movement purposes and if say, a lever or some interactable is on a ledge, I accidentally run past it and off the ledge all the time if it’s my first encounter with the area because I’m moving too fast, and the edge is too abrupt to stop at.

Doesn’t running off the ledge accidentally mean the default slow speed is good though?

Yes, indeed, but because it is so slow I end up using sprint 24/7 and sometimes that leads to unexpected ledges that pop up, and unless I’ve been there before, might just accidentally run off of it. That’s a pretty subjective part about the movement speed and I know it’s probably moreso a matter of getting god lol, but that is basically the only application where the super slow base movement speed is useful. Otherwise it is annoyingly slow in every other part of the game. The character just feels so heavy even without gear on. It’s a strange base speed imo.

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