Another HotFix and still Durability exists

So we have now had 2 Hot Fixes that have improved durability so obvious the Devs are listening but JUST REMOVE IT ALREADY!!!

This is so punishing and so not fun. thare are already many systems in this game that punish those of us that die alot but durability is just not a fun mechanic. I mean look I found this cool sword I should up grade it WAIT nope it cost money and I don’t have any or have to save it to repair. like WHY. and then Tools why are my tools braking like what part of falling off the cliff for the 10th time broke my pick axe ugh.

I had such high hopes for this game but it seams it is just ment to punish players and not alow us to actualy work on learning bosses or fights.


i would have to agree.

falling makes us loose health already. so why durability of items as well?

took me a while to realise why my stuff got lower and lower
untill i read a post on a different website that sais “braking objects with weapons lowers its durability”

this is a little excessive tbh

at least make fish pole, shovel and picks immune…
we need these to re-farm mats to fix what constantly breaks without even hitting monsters

its like, items degrade only from farming mats to repair them lol

makes me want to double check and see if my items dont degrade from only walking around for too long

i would vote to get it removed totally as well
eventho i know it wont happen, because lots of other people like it that way, i would personally prefer it