Allow hand-picking which inventory items are on quick-select

For items (blade oil, focus vial, etc), there are MANY options, which is great. But I can’t easily sort through them in the middle of a fight, especially a boss.

I’d love to be able to have 3-5 that I’m really going to use selectable at any one time, so that I can quickly add my buffs without sorting through a dozen different items.

I think you can leave the ‘how many to have in quick-select’ question to the player, or you could limit it- but the default of ‘everything in your inventory is available by holding down on the d-pad’ is too much, and I don’t want to go back to the rookery before a boss fight to have only my favorites on-hand.

I suspect that this will only become more important further into the game- at this point I’m only 10-12 hours in.

This is less important for food (at least so far), but I think the option would still be nice.


Second this! Was just about to suggest this.


Yes please.
I accidentally threw away a bomb when I wanted to gain focus…

+1, that would help a lot in combat and QoL.
Like Souls do, make us possible to select how many items we want to equip for fast usage instead of showing everything like here.