Ability to favorite items (Food, Ordinance) to show up in quick select menu

This is perhaps only a quality of life change, but It’d be awsome if the quick select menu held priority for food and ordinance that the player designated by favoriting them, instead of random apples and mushrooms or vials that you’re just holding onto to sell, taking their place.


Even better: do not put random items on my hotkey and make me accidentally waste them.

I don’t want to eat my mushrooms, I’d rather have the character die and make mushroom soup at the next fire.

Why not simply the same as Dark souls/Elden ring: the player chooses what items they want to use.


Well said!

Would be a nice addition :slight_smile:

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The amount of times I died because for some reason my hotbar selected a lone mushroom and not the meal.


Exactly, very annoying