Alchemist's Cave ledges

I wanted to offer some feedback based on mouse and keyboard usage in the alchemists cave. Spoilers below

I understand that the main focus of your game is centered around controller usage. I am incredibly thankful that you even allow the game to be used with mouse and keyboard.

That being said, the misty ledges that appear in the second half of the alchemists cave are VERY difficult to manage with the current mouse and keyboard controls and character turning sensitivity. I think that a good compromise would be to make the platforms appear slightly closer as to allow the character to jump in the correct direction and make it. I can see how this movement mechanic would be well suited to controllers. However, after dying upwards of 10 times between missing platforms that don’t fully solidify until after I jump and the unique encounter AFTER jumping all over the place at the top… I’m feeling extremely frustrated.

I get the appeal of a souls like level of difficulty and respect that. However, that paired with the broad turning increments of the character doesn’t seem intended.

I’m sure more tweaks will come with the mouse and keyboard input and think a good compromise for now would be to adjust the platforms themselves slightly.

Thank you for a wonderful game!