Agility Ring makes a significant difference in the feel of the game

My first character I played in this game got the good benefit of getting an agility ring early, my second character did not.

The amount of difference this one item makes the game feel vastly different, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. My first character movement and attack animations felt good, and I was able to quickly get in and get out. Now my movement and attacks feel sluggish and I find myself more often than not getting punished by animation locks.

Just my two cents.

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i thought the same - since it feels sluggish without having one equipped the slot is always a must have. the devs could change it to default so that would free the ring slot.

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Does the agility ring straight up speed up all your animations?

Now try two of those rings, and get a bunch of good enchants with improved overall speed. :smiley:

Here is the ring for reference. Attack speed and movement speed are the main ones

I got lucky and found so many of those lmao, the stamina cost reduction was massive for me since i was running heavy load with 2h swords, for the attack speed idk if it actually was making a difference tbh, 1 i can see being nerfed is prob the focus ring