After 8 Hours, This is What I Discovered

My specs: i5 9k, 16 gb RAM, and ASUS 1070 Strix
After 8 hours what I see needs to be addressed:
-Why can I jump off a ledge where I’m meant to climb down?
Also why am I able to jump off a ladder/natural terrain to take damage?
-Dying near or at a fast travel/respawn point, AI will continuously murder you until you are naked and afraid hoping for a gap to sneak away.
-When you are meant to be walking accross a plank or small path to an extent you should be attached to that path and not be able to simply walk off the side without an animation or prompt that you are about to just fall off.
-Terrain not rendering, specifically the drawbridge and rocks outside of the main City.
-Stuttering/screen tear while adventuring and gets worse between game-play and cut scenes. (Also my cpu is always @ 100% while graphics is at 50% or lower)
-More in-depth tutorial mainly focusing on the parry/block since it is a timed mechanic, or make it easier
-More graphic settings for foliage, trees, water, rain, and environment
-When hitting or getting hit beyond visual range have some indicator of the attack being extended (i.e. wind, fire, air burst, ghost image or extension of the blade) or improve hit-boxes