Abusing the realm system?

Duplicate high value items in the Community Chest of a spare Realm. Character and Realm data save separately.

  1. Start a realm called “Farming” and use an existing character to start playing it. Make sure you bring high value items you want to duplicate with you(resources are best as they stack).
  2. Start at The Shallows and then beat Warrick to open Sacrement, unlock the Community Chest by hitting up the Rookery and resting.
  3. Put high value items you want to duplicate into Community Chest.
  4. Wait at least 10 minutes(that’s the auto save timer). Take items back OUT of the Community Chest.
  5. Note the local time(on your computer, not the clock in the upper right hand corner of the game) and log out to Main Menu.
  6. Select “Realms” and go to “Farming”, select the “Backups” option and find the time stamp closest to when you logged out(remember they’ll be in 10 minute intervals). Log into Farming from that time stamp.
  7. Take all the items out of the Farming Realm Community Chest.
  8. Log out again.
  9. Repeat steps 6 through 8 till your inventory is full.
  10. Sell the items in your main game, NOT Farming. You want to play the Farming Realm as little as possible because eventually it’ll autosave WAY PAST the slot you started with the more you play it.

Repeat as necessary to duplicate any non-story related items. EXP Potions, food items, gems, Rings. If it can go into the Community Chest, you can dupe it.

It is not intended, right? If yes then why i farm?