A few small details(Put PC performance optimization first)

  1. Can the mission system put the button to cancel the mission on the right side, or click twice by default to exit the interface instead of canceling the mission? I have already lost mission rewards several times with consecutive clicks.
    2.2. Reset attribute points! ! ! This is really important. I don’t know if the design team has done it, but this is very important for a Souls game. The designers have made so many weapons and equipment, but they can’t reset the attribute points, which is very disgusting. Many people can only reset attribute points through plug-ins now, which I think is unreasonable. Everyone wants to experience different weapons and equipment.
    3.Classification and organization of backpack (box) items, I hope to add a value sorting in the backpack, and there are currently some bugs. If I have a pile of 20 mushrooms and a pile of 6 mushrooms, but when I make food, he will consume more first. The pile of mushrooms instead of the smaller pile, and I couldn’t merge the 6 mushrooms with the remaining mushrooms, causing it to occupy two of my backpack slots, and I could only solve the problem through boxes at home.
    4.I hope I can give the boxes or even all the items at home a name. I have a habit of arranging items in categories, but when I go to look for things, there are too many boxes, so I can’t find the box I sorted in the first place. , it would be nice if it could be named.
    5.Teleportation problem (from location a to location b). I probably know why the designer designed the current teleportation mechanism, but it is necessary to teleport from the main city to any teleportation point, especially when the map becomes larger in the future. I don’t know if the designer has this idea. The current map It doesn’t take long to reach the destination even if you set off from the main city when you are still very young, but when the map becomes larger in the future, the problem of not being able to teleport casually becomes apparent.
    6.Create a tutorial directory. I know there are reset tutorials, but not all tutorials are needed, but it would be better if there was a tutorial directory, so players can better find the tutorials they need, such as enchanting. I haven’t understood enchanting yet. But the tutorial is no longer available.
    7.Publish a prop book (picture book). This is important for a collectible player, I don’t keep every item, but I want to know if I collected it.
    8.That’s all for now, I hope No Rest for the Wicked will get better and better. Although the current ea version still has many problems, the foundation is good. Most of the current problems can be solved through post-optimization. When I Seeing that there were updates every day in the past two days, I felt very lucky. The programmers were working hard! But one day there was no update, and I was worried whether the programmers were helpless about the problem, or were fixing a bigger problem (such as performance). Hopefully No Rest for the Wicked gets better and better, just like Cyberpunk 2077. Of course don’t keep players waiting that long.