Some suggestions


The following is a machine flip, which may differ from what I said

  1. We hope to add the ability to reset character skills as soon as possible.
  2. A feature to lock item attributes is needed.
  3. Ability to repeatedly enchant an item and lock attributes (the more attributes locked, the higher the enchanting cost).
  4. The issue of sorting items, especially weapons, based on numerical values (e.g., two large swords of the same type, one with an attack power of 20 and one with an attack power of 18, making the weapon with 20 attack power to be sorted before the one with 18 attack power), or sorting them by item names, results in many similar items being scattered in the inventory, causing clutter.
  5. Lack of edge protection and automatic jumping at edges when holding down the run button can easily lead to accidental deaths. Players have difficulty judging direction accurately at a 45-degree downward angle, so optimization of character interaction with the terrain is recommended.
  6. Even at max level, the inventory is still severely limited. Significantly increasing its capacity or stacking limit for each group is recommended.
  7. When targeting is locked, throwing skills should be executed in the direction of the joystick by default.
  8. Interactive judgment: Various NPCs require me to be face-to-face with them and have my character facing directly at them to engage in conversation. Opening doors also requires direct face-to-face alignment (specifically, with the blacksmith’s door, which is directly blocked by the wall or angled, making it unclear when I can face them directly in front of the door). There’s a spot behind me where the bridge needs to be kicked down, but there’s no interaction check when I lean against it; I have to move a bit away. Also, the Y button on the controller is used for wall-leaning, and every time I try to open the door, my character leans against the wall.
  9. Further optimization is needed as my 4090 graphics card occasionally experiences lag and frame drops.
  10. Housing, merchant upgrades, item crafting, and real-time mechanics are too slow to keep up with the game’s pace.
  11. The current map is too small, and monster spawn times are quite long. Many times, after fighting monsters, there’s nothing to do, making it very boring. The construction system currently lacks any interesting gameplay elements.
  12. Could we optimize the Chinese entry descriptions? Many descriptions are unclear, leaving much to guess.
  13. Lastly, updating with more content would be appreciated.