You made it even harder now?

So you made the starting area almost impossible to beat now?
Spear/Shield guy and one bigger one on the beach with giant Axe? Those are very hard to beat. (The big guy “axe shove move” is not logical I am at least 3m from here and he still hit me)
My armor is broken. I run naked and trying to beat this 2 like mini bosses with my fists? Its kind of silly. It just looks stupid?
One could say: just skip them. I don’t want to skip them. I will beat them but at least give us 2 weapons in the chests in that cave where Spear/Shield guy is?

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Enemy spawns are randomized and enemies respawn. There will always be enemies repopulating areas you haven’t visited in a while. If you try and kill every enemy on the map you will never complete this game lol. That could also be the weekly bounty and in that case you should go get stronger stuff cause it’s a tough fight.

Ok, so you are meant to skip certain mobs? That does make sense.
I played yesterday and rerolled today, and I don’t like the game anymore.
I cant pass that first initial 15min. Mobs are everywhere, and I don’t even have weapon…It felt better yesterday with less mobs.

Oh, you probably rolled a new character on your realm that has already scaled up, which is most likely why you’re having a tougher time now.

If you roll a new character, start a new realm - you’ll be surprised how much easier it feels now cause you already learned the mechanics :slight_smile:


Sorry you’re having a difficult time. I fought those two guys as well and died multiple times. My gear broke as well. I think I ended up finding daggers in a chest behind the waterfall to the southeast. I know loot is random, and most of the fights are difficult. It’s intended for us to struggle early on, and even at points of the game not story related. The option to not repair early was challenging. Unless, I found something to enhance my gears durability, that’s what I got lol. You will find the blacksmith soon. I can say there were a few times I had to use my fists. I hope the devs do something related to combat for people wanting to use hand to hand combat, because it’s extremely satisfying getting behind mobs and slamming them lol. My advice to you, is to not give up. I’ve completed I believe 100% of all areas and have completed the first act. It’s early access, and there are a couple kinks to fix. I promise the effort you put into learning fights with enemies, grinding resources, progression through areas, platforming, and exploration. You’ll quickly start to enjoy the game and its idea. Kite the first guy, learn his weak points, time your attack. Rinse and repeat. Took me 2 hours to defeat them. They I believe are also bounties. They were there when I accepted the said bounty. I fought them twice I think and the second time was a breeze. Also, try getting a rune that allows you to have ranged attack if possible.

You can skip mobs unless it’s part of an objective. I did early on. I found that climbing, sprinting pass them is viable. I just lost exp basically. I still completed the objective.