World map teleporting

If you press the left stick while moving around the map, you can fast travel in any location.

Seems like a dev tool that wasn’t removed considering after the first boss you get told you can fast travel from the whispers?

Also can cause issues as you can TP to areas which kill you on landing etc

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Ooof I just tried it and maaaaaaaan I can teleport everywhere.

I’m gonna put a wetransfer video link here where I show what’s happening. The button I’m pressing is L3, controller is a Dualshock4.

Yep, yesterday i noticed this bug. I initally tought it was intended, but then i unlocked the “real” fast travel with the whisps.

Thankfully it’s been fixed in the latest patch. The system works!

It does make travelling feel longer knowing I can’t just free teleport anymore though haha