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Thank you to everyone who watched as we explored No Rest for the Wicked, and to the folks that gave their early impressions. If you’d like to watch Wicked Inside, check it out below

For those who’d like a recap, we’ve got you covered!

A Story of Politics and Plague

The year is 841 - King Harol is dead. Rumors begin to emerge about the return of a great plague known as the Pestilence. You are a Cerim, a member of an ancient sect devoted to vanquishing the plague. Called to investigate these rumors, you board a merchant ship to the backwater Isola Sacra. While en route, a rebel group known as the Risen seizes the ship - leaving it wrecked as it collides into the island’s rocks. Washed up on the shores of Isola Sacra, you wake up naked and unarmed. As you find your bearings, you end up caught between a vast political struggle and a fight for survival.

A Hand-Crafted World

Isola Sacra is a living, breathing world that has been painstakingly hand-crafted. Traverse through vibrant, seamless, interactive environments: if something looks climbable, it is, if an object is too thin to walk over, you may just need to balance your way across. Each step, climb, and jump should be intentional. We’ve abandoned the traditional point-and-click in favor of a WASD or controller control scheme. Searching every inch may prove fruitful, revealing secret areas and loot.

Sacra is everchanging. Return to previously explored areas to find new threats to tackle and resources to scavenge. Each time you visit a region, a drastically different experience will be waiting.

Play Your Way

No Rest for the Wicked uses a soft class system, meaning priority is on weapons rather than picking a specific class/role. Leveling up earns stat points that you can put into: HP, intelligence, dexterity, strength, and stamina. Stats like intelligence, dexterity, and strength can directly make weapon types more powerful. We want players to be able to create any build imaginable - even ones we haven’t thought of!

Devastating Combat

With our animation-driven combat system, attacks should be planned and deliberate. To overcome opponents, watch for telegraphed behaviors and the opportune moment to strike. Parry incoming blows that put enemies into a temporary weakened state. Movement and timing are also important. Your movement speed determines the dodge action and don’t fret, all have invincibility frames:

  • For the fast and light on their feet, quickstep out of the way of incoming attacks.

  • For those who go at a balanced, measured speed, dodge roll to evade.

  • For the slow-and-mighty, while more susceptible to attacks due to a slower dodge animation, can counteract by shoulder bashing enemies.

Weapons are unique, no two are alike. Each weapon has its own stance, can have affixes, and can be optimized by various vendors to suit your needs. Imbue them with runes that add additional effects! In combat, weapons are an extension of your body - timing, spacing, weight, and movement must work in harmony.

Rebuild What Has Been Lost

Along your journey you’ll come across Sacrament, the capital of Isola Sacra. A war-torn place, but you can help restore it to its former glory. Make the town your own by purchasing property and decorating it to your heart’s content. With a range of purchasable properties and a gridless interior design system, create a unique place to call home. Fish on the shores, fell trees, mine ore, and more. These resources can be used to craft new gear, meals, home furniture, or even make improvements to Sacrament.

You are in control of how Sacrament evolves.

Looking Ahead

No Rest for the Wicked enters Steam Early Access on April 18th, 2024.

Here’s what to expect as we progress through development:

We’re so excited for this game to be in your hands soon. To find out more about endgame details, plans for Early Access, and more,

check out the upcoming issue of Game Informer!

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