Whittacker gone

Hey guys, just after hotfix 2 i came into the game and come to market to see that whittacker gone. What happens? What can i do to fix this?

Did you upgrade him to level 3 and he has a house somewhere now?

That happened to my enchanter and she moved into a house somewhere behind her.

You upgraded him to Tier 3, which means he moved into the house to your left, which is seen hanging over the river, which is now powering his woodworking tools.

Walk like 10 meters ahead and go left in the door.

Thank u guys! U the best:)

Upgraded him to tier 3 and now i cant get in the door. says Missing Interaction hint!

It’s only a visual bug, you can use the door.

Missing interaction hint is actually only missing the interactionhint.

You can still interact with it

Thanks! i tried that several times and it only made me slide against the wall. it did work eventually if i stood there and spammed Y to use the door.