Whispers Fast Travel Network

Instead of the current fast travel system we have, which is very limited—only allowing travel to Sacrament and back to the last visited whisper—I have an idea that might improve the player experience while still aligning with the original intent of the whispers.

My concept is to treat the whispers like a network, similar to a train network. The main whisper would act as the central station in Sacrament, serving as the hub for all travel within the region. From Sacrament, players could access all the whispers in the area, allowing seamless travel and reducing the time spent navigating between locations.

Additionally, the other whispers could function as “stations” along this network, enabling players to travel to other nearby whispers. This preserves the original strategic aspect of choosing which whispers to interact with while also ensuring that travel is not overly restrictive.

I kind of have to disagree. I don’t like fast travel itself. I feel like it’s cheating because in real life, there is no such thing. That’s what I love about Dragons Dogma 2: You have to pay for fast travel. I like this fast travel system honestly, and the map isn’t that big compared to Elden Ring.

I like the fast travel as it is as well, but let’s not bring real life into discussion, last time I asked in real life when you die you don’t respawn.
We are playing a video game not a real life simulator.

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I don’t think this concept targets those who dislike fast travel. If someone doesn’t enjoy it, they can simply choose not to engage with the mechanic. My suggestion is aimed at players who want to save time and reduce repetitive travel, while preserving the original intention of the whispers. Additionally, as the game is still in Early Access, we don’t yet know the full extent of the map. A more efficient fast travel system could become increasingly valuable as the world expands. For example, if another settlement were introduced later, the network would conveniently connect the two locations, allowing seamless exploration.

The “real life” argument …

Like you can throw fireballs from a staff ? :yum:

Joke aside, this whisper feature is actually, for me, a tough take for now because it doesn’t look like the final version of what it will be.

Especially if the map grows exponentially.

Any suggestions?

Fast travel is definitely a controversial topic regarding if it should stay how it is currently or allow for fast travel between all whispers. I understand how the dev’s wanted to use their Alive system to ensure players go back and forth between areas.

Fast travel system should stay the way it is right now.