Weight Class needs tuning. Its either wear little to nothing or be overweight

Since i have been playing, it seems like if i want to play as a light weight fighter, i pretty much cant equip very much gear. If i do, i become overweight unless i plan on spending all my attribute points in equip load. I think the weight class needs to be adjusted. Its either daggers with low weight pants, shirt, hat, no gloves. If i find better gear i cant equip because it will put me in the heavy weight class. Im still wearing the same gear i got from the very first area.

I noticed that the improved armor always weighs more and I too am working with the starting zone gear that I have upgraded. I wonder if the improved armor could be just better armor without adding more weight? This way medium armor is always a medium weight? Just not sure since I have only now entered The Nameless Pass and all that has dropped for me is mesh armor, not leather.

Jumping off this general topic, I’d like to see more special moves depending on weight class. With heavy you can barge into enemies and break their guard.

Maybe with normal weight you can do a light kick that is faster but doesn’t break guard as well.

Maybe with light weight you can do a jump move to maneuver to their back.

Just a thought